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I went onto the JED to publish a new extension, and found that I'm not allowed. Apparently, at some point in the past, a Joomla Extension Directory administrator unpublished one of my extensions and that restricts me from publishing a new extension.

I never received any notifications that this happened, so I don't even know when it occurred. There isn't any information about why it happened (as the JED used to provide) so I don't know what even to look at. Without having any indication of the issue or notification that it even happened, I'm left to wonder if this isn't malicious.

Lately, Joomla has become hostile to 3rd party developers. I've been criticized by core developers for releasing paid extensions on a number of occasions, and seem to be ignored when I point out that 80% of my extensions are free. I haven't met any Joomla developers who aren't evangelists to the platform - so why the hostility?

Django + React is looking like more and more appealing.

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